ponedjeljak, 16. siječnja 2012.

Poland and Ukraine are ready to start


With only five months away from the championship it is about time to check what the state is like in Poland and Ukraine. Although five months is a long period in which a lot of things can change there are great news coming from those countries. In truth, not everything is ready but most work is almost done.
The stadium in Gdansk a few months ago 
Since a lot of money has been invested in infrastructure of stadiums and surrounding areas words of the Ukrainian president come as no surprise “I’m certain that infrastructure that has been built in Ukraine will serve many generations to come”. Viktor Janukovič is trying to justify the big investment by claiming that the stadiums will be used in the future as places for upcoming concerts and other manifestations. But true value of the championship will be seen after it ends and analysis of expenses and profits begins.

Last five years have been a period of smear campaigns held against organizers with threats of taking the right of holding the championship from them. But determined Ukrainians and Poles have held firmly against all unusual back-door games that heads of European football have thrown at them and now they’re ready to organize the championship.

It is a common knowledge that all stadiums have either been restored or rebuilt so they shouldn’t pose a problem. The only open question that remains is problem of transport for the players, fans and other personnel tied to EURO. Ukrainians claim that they have solved the problem of majority of main roads while Poles seem less prepared on the topic. Other than that, state of available accommodation (including hotels) does not look on to be on highest level but certain standards have been met.

All in all, it is becoming more evident that European football will move to Poland and Ukraine in June. It will be great publicity for the people, their customs and culture but the question of cost still looms overhead.

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